New GLOCK Gen 5’s Coming In September

I am very excited about the new Generation of GLOCK pistol hitting the markets right now. We will have the new Generation 5 GLOCK G19 and G17 pistols in stock the first week of September! Several improvements have been made to an already incredible design.

Let’s review some of the changes GLOCK Engineers have made to the GEN 5 GLOCK pistol.

First, there is a new ion bonded finish known as “nDLC”. GLOCK claims the new finish is even tougher than before, making it less prone to rust and wear. The nDLC finish is unique to GLOCK manufacturing and can be considered a proprietary feature of the GEN 5 model.  Users can expect increased functionality and reduced failures in adverse environments. My thoughts, this finish should make the GEN 5 even more preferred for users spending time in and around marine environments.

Second, there is a new and improved barrel. The new GLOCK barrel will still include the polygonal rifling GLOCK barrels have become known for. However, the new “GLOCK Marksman Barrel” is touted as having sub four-inch accuracy at 50 yards. My thoughts, the old barrels were accurate enough as is, but at 50 yards anything extra helps!

Finger grooves have been removed. GLOCK claims the removal of the grooves will increase the ergonomics of the grip. The absence of finger grooves also allows more versatility across the consumer market. Not everyone is built the same. That said, not everyone prefers finger grooves. My thoughts, I personally did not mind the finger grooves. However, this change to the GEN 5 is good for the user base overall.

My personal favorite improvement is an ambidextrous Slide Stop Lever. This feature appeals to the left handed shooters as well as those right-handed shooters who maintain proficiency with their non-dominant hand. Again, this is an improvement that appeals to an even broader market base, inclusive of the left-handed shooter.  My thoughts, I have always struggled recommending the GLOCK to left-handed shooters. GLOCK is my personal favorite combat pistol. This new feature makes things much easier on me as an instructor, especially when advising new shooters!

Furthering the current trend in the combat shooting world, GLOCK chose to incorporate high visibility orange followers into the GEN 5 design. GLOCK also extended the front portion of the floor plate forward to make removing the magazine easier. My thoughts, the high visibility follower is great for rapidly identifying an empty magazine, especially when assessing stoppages. Additionally, the extended floor plate makes removing the magazine much easier. This is especially important during open malfunction drills, when competing spring tensions can make removal more difficult.

GLOCK chose to incorporate a flared mag-well into the GEN 5 model. This feature will make magazine changes easier, in the event of minor placement errors when conducting speed reloads.  My thoughts, a flared mag-well will help prevent mistakes however, the feature will not make a shooter who performs this drill badly much better. But, I LOVE this enhancement! A small mistake upon insertion of the magazine will be less of an issue with a flared mag-well.

All together, I’ll be one of the first customers lining up to purchase a new and improved GEN5 GLOCK 17.

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