Range Rules


Can I bring my own ammunition?

YES! Shoot Center allows guests to shoot their own factory new ammunition. We do not allow reloaded or remanufactured ammunition (unless specifically sold at Shoot Center). Shoot Center does not allow steel core or bi-metal projectiles (please know that the vast majority of steel cased ammo is prohibited), incendiary rounds like tracers or armor piercing. Staff will check ammo upon check-in.

Can I shoot my shotgun? 

YES! Shoot Center allows shotguns to fired on the range. The only shells permitted are 00 buck or slugs. NO BIRDSHOT! Additionally, all shotguns must be fired from the shoulder. This means we we do not allow Mossberg Shockwave type firearms, sorry!

Can I rapid fire? 

DEPENDS! Shoot Center encourages the safe handling and training of firearms. We require sight alignment as well as sight picture between each shot. Some shooters can achieve this in milliseconds others need a second or two between shots.  Please know that we hold our patrons accountable for all damages they may cause. SHOOT TO YOUR ABILITY!

Do you rent firearms?

YES! We have the county’s largest selection of firearms available to rent, as well as one of the largest collections of full auto firearms in the eastern United States. We have a SUICIDE PREVENTION POLICY that does not allow us to rent to patrons who come alone and who do not have a firearm with them at time of rental.  Groups of two or more may rent a firearm without being in possession of one. Anyone who rents a firearm must be at least 21 years old and purchase ammunition at Shoot Center at time of rental.

How old do you have to be to shoot? 

10 YEARS OLD! The minimum age to enter the shooting range is 10 years old while being accompanied with their parent or legal guardian only. The parent or legal guardian must be present with any minor at all times while inside the shooting range. All parents or legal guardians will need to complete a Minor Liability Waiver in person at Shoot Center.

Are foreign visitors allowed to use the range? 

YES! We are happy to accommodate foreign visitors on a regular basis. We need a photo ID when you visit, and will accept foreign driver’s licenses and passports.