Dealer Transfer

Hello, have you purchased a firearm from an online retailer or auction site such as Gunbroker or Armslist and wish to have it transferred? Read below for guidance on how to conduct transfers with Shoot Center!

Our transfer fees are $25 for the first firearm, and $10 for each additional. In order to receive a discount on multiple transfers, all items must be transferred on the same ATF form 4473.

Out of state transfers may only be accepted from licensed dealers (FFLs) only. Out of state non-licensed private party firearm shipments cannot be accepted due to Federal law. However, we apologize for any inconvenience!

NFA (suppressors, short barreled rifles etc.) transfer fees are $100, and only $49.99 for fingerprints, photos, and postage (conducted on site at Shoot Center).  Please note an additional $200 fee, payable to the ATF for each tax stamp.

Customers may use their NFA item while patronizing Shoot Center’s indoor firearm range, while awaiting ATF transfer approval! We also offer cleaning services in the event your suppressor or short barreled rifle could use a touch-up.

For transfer services, please direct your licensed dealer (FFL) to this area in order to download the PDF below. We recommend a simple copy and paste of the web address above! Shoot Center will contact you when your firearm arrives and, is ready for pickup. NOTE: arrival does not constitute “ready for pick-up”. We must follow all federal regulations, and all arriving firearms must be handled appropriately. Please allow an additional 24 hours after arrival. However, Shoot Center staff will do their best to have your firearm ready for transfer as soon as possible!

Attention Dealers: for ease of transfer, please include a copy of your FFL and the transferee’s phone and email information, along with the firearm during shipment. Thank you!