Get The Reps In

Using your firearm in self defense will likely be the most stressful day of your life. Realistic stress is difficult to replicate in training. But, what we do know from years of conflict is that; “Time and time again, it has been proven that the body will perform under stress in the same way you train to perform…”– Ed Nelson, US Army Special Forces Weapon’s Sergeant, Team Sergeant, Retired.

The ability to manipulate one’s weapon under stress can be thought of as “Auto Pilot”. Auto pilot will save your life.

Humans are terrible at multitasking. How can I possibly pay attention to external stressors in life or death scenario if I have not committed the basics of weapon’s handling to my subconscious?

The answer?: I can’t.

Here is a simple trick to try. Engage in a high-speed vehicle pursuit while texting, simultaneously. No, not really, please don’t. But you get the point!

So, how can we be sure that all available cognitive effort can be applied to the “Bad guy” and his actions?
Put the time in, whether at the range or via “Dry fire” practice at home! A high number repetitions will “Myelinate” (you may think of this as “Muscle memory”). Just like driving, you are not “Conscious” of how much break pressure to apply, but if you recall your first time driving…It wasn’t that way until the “Myelination” via daily driving occurred.

Expect more tips in the future for training at home and training at the range!