Focus On The Front Sight

When using iron sights on pistols, remember that you should hard focus on the front sight. Rear sight should be blurry as should the target you are aiming at. To remind yourself to only focus on the front sight, just say in your head: “Front sight, front sight, front sight!” And don’t forget, give the front sight another hard focus after firing in order to practice “following through” after each round fired! This not only improves fundamentals but also is a great exercise in concentration and mental focus. Most shooters will automatically look at the target to confirm hits. This is hard habit to break!

Try this simple drill: fire one round at a given distance. After recoil management, hard focus on the front sight again for 1-2 seconds (force yourself to do this), as if you are preparing to fire again! Complete this for 50 repetitions or 50 rounds. This will improve your ability to engage with multiple rounds!

Jon Shore | Firearm Instructor, Shoot Center

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