Work on Your Grip!

Grip is critical for control. Control is critical for accurate rapid fire. Proper grip is an essential part of putting accurate rounds down range!

Grip the firearm in your dominant hand, with the webbing as high as possible (without interfering with the slide). make sure you have a firm grip the top of the back strap centered on your forearm. Ideally,we want to pull the gun straight back in to the grip, with pressure on both the front strap and back strap.

Always keep your index finger straight, along the frame of the firearm, with positive pressure, until ready to fire.

Place the inside of the knuckles of the support hand against the knuckles of the dominant hand, squeezing the support palm against the exposed half of theĀ grip, orient the support thumb forward, and “cam” both wrists in the process. Ensure your dominant thumb above the support hand thumb.

PS: If the dominant hand thumb interferes with the movement of the slide (due to pressure), adjust the thumb placement in top of the hand until you find the sweet spot.

Scott Pegram, Firearms Instructor, Service Associate | Shoot Center

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