STACCATO C2 2011 9MM 3.9″ DLC/SS

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STACCATO C2 2011 9MM 3.9″ DLC/SS



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Redefining the compact carry gun. With double-stack capacity and unprecedented accuracy, the C2 allows shooters to push the boundaries of what’s possible with a gun this size. The C2 has a variety of options for optics and barrels.

Designed with FlaTec™, our 2011® pistols help shooters of all levels shoot like a professional.


  • Caliber: 9mm
  • Barrel: 3.9 Inch Bull Barrel
  • Sights: Fiber Optic Front, Dawson Precision® Charger Rear
  • Optic-Ready: Fiber Optic Front, Tactical or Carry Dawson Precision® Optic System Rear
  • Trigger: 4lbs With Ambi Safety Levers
  • Dimensions: Length 7.5 X Grip Width 1.3 X Height 4.94 – Width At Safeties 1.49 – Weight 25oz / Empty – No Mag
  • Frame: Alloy, Anodized Coating
  • Magazines: 3x 16-Round




Introducing the STACCATO C2 aluminum frame 9mm with DLC (Diamond-Like Carbon) coating, a compact and powerful handgun designed for reliable performance in a variety of shooting scenarios. This firearm combines durability, accuracy, and ergonomics to deliver an exceptional shooting experience.

The STACCATO C2 aluminum frame features a lightweight aluminum frame, offering both strength and portability. Its compact size makes it an ideal choice for concealed carry and ensures comfortable handling, allowing you to confidently carry and deploy the firearm throughout the day.

The DLC coating, applied to both the slide and frame, not only enhances the firearm’s aesthetics but also provides excellent durability and resistance to wear. This advanced coating protects the firearm from the elements, ensuring long-lasting performance and maintaining its sleek appearance.

Equipped with a bull barrel, the STACCATO C2 aluminum frame delivers enhanced accuracy and reduced muzzle rise during firing. This feature allows for precise shot placement and improved control, maximizing your shooting performance.

The STACCATO C2 Al Frame is chambered in 9mm, a versatile and widely available caliber. With a 16-round magazine capacity, this firearm offers ample firepower to handle any situation, whether it’s for self-defense or competitive shooting.

The ergonomic grip of the STACCATO C2 aluminum frame ensures a comfortable and secure hold. Its textured surface provides excellent traction, allowing for a firm grip even in challenging conditions. This promotes improved control and recoil management, enabling faster follow-up shots.

Experience the reliability and performance of the STACCATO C2 aluminum frame 9mm. Its compact size, DLC coating, and bull barrel make it a versatile and dependable choice for concealed carry and personal defense. Elevate your shooting capabilities with the STACCATO C2 aluminum frame and discover the confidence that comes with owning a high-quality firearm.