Defensive Carbine 01

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Course Description

Increase knowledge, confidence and skill with a carbine. Curriculum with focus of the fundamentals of shooting a long gun and refining techniques required to deploy a long gun for self-defense. Additionally, students will learn how to work through reloads and transitions from target to target.

Class Packing List

1. Semi-auto rifle chambered in 9mm, 45acp, 5.56×45, .223 rem, 7.62×39 and 7.62×51
(note: pistols are acceptable as long as a brace is installed, the firearm has to be shoulder-able)
2. Rifle must have an optic and/or iron sights
3. 250 rounds of ammunition
4. Minimum of 3 magazines
5. Sling (single or two point)
6. Chest rig or magazine caddie on the belt line to accept carbine magazines
7. Eye and hearing protection
8. Notepad and pen
9. Pants, closed toe shoes, shirt that covers collars bones to waist line
Any questions about the class or equipment needed please call 239-500-0556 or email