Precision Rifle

This class introduces students to the basics of external ballistics. Students are not expected to have any prior knowledge of long range shooting. This class is designed to give you a ground up introduction into Precision Rifle Shooting

In addition to this class, please sign up for the free onboarding class below. This class is a mandatory pre-requisite for the Precision Rifle Class. It is held at Shoot Center and includes a classroom portion with the opportunity to zero and chronograph the match grade ammo you intend to use at the precision rifle class.

Learning Objectives

-Equipment use and explanation
-Ballistics and building accurate range cards based on your rifle and ammunition
-Setting up the rifle, scope and fitting to the shooter
-We will chronograph your ammunition and use ballistic programs to make data cards
-Check weapons for any potential problems
-Various shooting drills
-Sling shooting
-Bipod shooting
-Soft support shooting
-Basics of wind reading
-Basics of environmental effects for long range
-Establish true scope adjustments versus advertised
-Cleaning and care of rifle

Long Range Rifle Equipment

-Rifle (Either Bolt or Auto Loader)
-Caliber .223/ 5.56 – .30 /7.62 Rifle must be capable of producing one 3 shot group of MOA or less in size, if you have a caliber that doesn’t fall within these parameters please call.
-200 round of Match grade ammo. (Max 2900 FPS velocity limit is to prevent damage to targets at close range)
-Scope cable of 1/2 MOA or Mil adjustments (mounted to rifle prior to beginning of instruction class )
-Rear shooting bag or sock
-Shooting mat or Blanket for comfort, keep it portable.
-Rifle case or drag bag
-Cleaning equipment, rod, lube tools for rifle or optics
-Seasonal appropriate Clothing long sleeve shirt, pants, shoes / boots (no sandals)
-Hat for sun and rain, we will be shooting in either
-Sun block
-Lunch, Snack and WATER (We will not be leaving range area for breaks or lunch)
-Hearing protection (Muffs preferred)
-Eye protection

Additional nice to have:

-Pen, paper (shooters log), calculator, kestrel, ballistic app, spotting scope, scope level (helps to avoid canting of rifle), gloves, ice cooler.

If you have any questions as to equipment or class, ASK!

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