Practical Red Dot Pistol Class

With Red Dots becoming more and more available, training has become a necessity. This class helps students get familiar with Red Dots and how to properly use them for self-defense. The students will also work the Myths and misconceptions of Red Dots on pistols.

Topics Covered:

  • Zero distances and how to
  • Draw stroke (how to properly draw the firearm)
  • Target focus
  • Tracking of the dot in the optic window thru recoil
  • Broken or blocked optics
  • Proper maintenance and installation
  • Low light considerations

Equipment needed:

  • Slide mounted red dot pistol
  • Ability to carry 3 magazines minimum (1 in the firearm, 2 in pouches)
  • Pants, closed toe shoes, shirt that covers collars bones to waist line
  • Concealed carry holsters or Duty Rigs
  • Holster (non collapsing) student must be able to “Re-holster” one-handed (this is mandatory and absolutely no exceptions will be allowed, thank you for understanding!)
  • Belt
  • No blackhawk serpa holsters are permitted!
  • 400 Rounds of Ammunition
  • Handheld or Weapon Mounted Flashlight
  • Open Mind

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