This course builds upon the basic mid-range course, offering students the opportunity to refine and enhance their abilities. It covers additional shooting positions, sling usage techniques, distance shooting, and stress drills. The course is designed to provide students with a comprehensive understanding of the limitations in operating and deploying a carbine in various environments and situations

Learning Objective

  • Skill Enhancement: Students will have the opportunity to refine and enhance their abilities in handling and using carbines.
  • Diverse Shooting Techniques: Students will learn additional shooting positions and techniques, which could involve various stances and scenarios.
  • Sling Usage Techniques: The class will cover effective methods for using slings with carbines, which can aid in carrying and maneuvering the firearm.
  • Distance Shooting: Students will gain knowledge and experience in distance shooting, which likely involves accuracy and precision at longer ranges.
  • Stress Drills: The class will incorporate stress drills, teaching students how to operate the carbine effectively under pressure and in various situations.
  • Understanding Limitations: Students will develop an understanding of the limitations of operating and deploying a carbine in different environments and scenarios. This may involve factors like range, mobility, and adaptability.


Required Equipment

  • Firearm: Caliber .223/5.56 – .30/7.62 Rifle
  • Optics: Red dot or LPVO (Low Powered Variable Optic)
  • Ammunition: 300 rounds (no armor-piercing, incendiary, or tracer ammunition)
  • Magazines: Minimum 3 functioning magazines (more is better), and equipment to carry magazines (not your pockets)
  • Sling: Single or two-point sling
  • Rifle Case
  • Cleaning Equipment: Cleaning rod, lubrication tools for the rifle
  • Clothing: Seasonally appropriate long-sleeve shirt, pants, and closed-toe shoes/boots (no sandals)
  • Protection: Hat for sun and rain, sunscreen
  • Food and Drink: Lunch, snacks, and water
  • Safety Gear: Hearing protection (electronic preferred), eye protection
  • Additional Items (Nice to Have): Pen, paper, elbow/knee pads, gloves, shemagh, dump pouch, and an ice cooler.