Firearm Maintenance

I have been in the firearms industry for quite some time! Over the years I have spent a lot of time at the Shooting range; either training or watching over others as they train. I have seen a lot of malfunctions on and off the job. Many of the malfunctions I see are from poor firearm maintenance, and the scariest part that they occurred with the shooter’s carry gun! Today’s focus is FIREARM MAINTENANCE. 

Maintaining your firearm is just as important as knowing how to shoot properly. If you do not take care of your firearm, the possibilities of a malfunction increase. That malfunction could occur when you need your firearm the most.

Maintenance is a variable we can “control”. Do not give that variable away.

Learn how to field strip your firearm for a basic clean. Most firearms are very easy to tear down. Keep your firearm lubricated as well. It can be as simple as following manufacturer recommended guidelines! A dry firearm can malfunction just as much as a dirty firearm. Lubrication lowers the coefficient of friction between the moving parts of the firearm. If you do not feel comfortable cleaning your own firearm, we offer cleaning right here at shop!

Andrew Brienza | Service Associate Shoot Center LLC

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